Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New name

I always said that the perfect title to sum up my life would be, "Facing The Alley." I love views, yet I always end up living with a luxurious view of a city alley. It represents completely my disdain for the typical, the frustration that life is often about the typical, and my need to better myself so one day I can have that dream view.

But what exactly is my dream view? I'm not simply talking about what I'd see out my window.

What would my ideal life look like?

I've had so much turmoil lately, so many changes have occurred, and I have changed right along with them. My wants, my needs, my desires are no longer the same. They couldn't be. No one could have so much upheaval without an emotional overhaul.

What I need to do is to figure out who I am now.

This is  happening while life continues to whirl and twirl with little time to steady myself. I constantly feel as if I am about to fall over. Certainly this will end soon?

How much of it was rotten circumstances VS self created chaos?

And how can I break the obvious habits so I can finally get on the path to achieve the ideal view?

Much I must ponder. So much thinking to do.